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International networks


The European Network of Research Integrity Offices (ENRIO) aims at improving and promoting research integrity in Europe. Founded in 2008, the network, which originally had 7 members, is today an association that brings together 31 members from 23 European countries.

The network gathers different experts in research integrity and now organizes a biennial congress. The 2nd edition, in fall 2023, is co-organized by Ofis and will be hosted by Sorbonne University in Paris. Numerous resources are available on the ENRIO website, including a directory of ways of dealing with breaches of research integrity in different European countries or Recommendations for the Investigation of Breaches in Research.

The World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI) is a biennial international conference that started in Lisbon in 2007. This conference aims to bring together the various stakeholders in research integrity (researchers, funding agencies, publishers, representatives of research institutions, etc.) in order to share knowledge, harmonize policies and promote joint actions.

Four of the seven conferences led to the collective creation of documents to encourage good practices:

  • The Singapore Statement which defines the main principles and responsibilities of research stakeholders ;

  • The Montreal Statement on the principles of collaborative and cross-border research with integrity and accountability;

  • The Amsterdam Agenda, a list of actions and commitments by the WCRI Foundation to encourage research integrity;

  • The Hong Kong Principles for avoiding or minimizing incentives that may lead to questionable research practices – even breaches of scientific integrity.

  • The Cape Town Statement promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in research collaborations.