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Research on research integrity has been growing since the early 1990s. From theoretical reflections on its definition to empirical studies on the incidence of misconduct, research integrity is becoming a proper research subject in several academic fields.

As part of its Resources mission, Ofis reviews every month the latest publications on research integrity. The results of this watch are summarised in a monthly bulletin that reflects the diversity of approaches, methods and disciplines that are mobilised.


Find below the latest bulletins on research on research integrity. Please note that the bulletins are only available in French.

January 2023  – Issue of the month: ChatGPT and authorship

February 2023 – Issue of the month: Safeguarding science from political meddling

March 2023 – Issue of the month: Ending ‘helicopter’ research


Keywords related to scientific integrity and related fields (research integrity, responsible conduct of research, etc.) are used in 4 databases (EBSCO, Web of Science, Science Direct and Europresse).

The search is performed in both French and English.

Based on the reading of titles and abstracts, all scientific papers addressing research integrity matters are being considered, without any value or quality judgment. Opinions from researchers and preprints are also taken into account.

This strategy is completed by the addition of relevant references cited in the selected papers or identified in parallel. Using an alert system, papers are often identified a few weeks/months after publication. Therefore, bulletins may refer to articles published before the current month.

Scientific watch requires processing a large number of papers and does not allow us to assess the editorial practices of each journal. If the practices of any of them seem questionable to you, do not hesitate to report it.


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For more information about the scientific watch or to receive our bulletins, please contact contact@ofis-france.fr